Jussi Laakkonen

CEO, Attorney-at-law, Partner
Jussi is motivated in his work by the fact that he can help our customers and the people of Fenno to succeed with his expertise and its development. Jussi is interested in learning new things and wants to understand the operating models of different industries as widely as possible. Jussi works in a solution-oriented manner and wants to understand the customers’ operations as a whole. Jussi also has extensive financial expertise and understanding. Jussi has served on the boards of several companies and as a board secretary. Through these tasks, Jussi’s goal is to bring jurisprudence into the customers’ everyday life in those situations where it promotes and facilitates everyday business life and saves time from unnecessary ambiguities. Jussi serves his clients mainly in different areas of corporate law and in assignments related to corporate restructuring and bankruptcy. In addition to these, he also handles issues related to entrepreneurs’ risk management and business continuity planning. Before moving to the law firm, Jussi has worked in the financial sector for several years.