Family and inheritance law

Services in family and inheritance law matters

We at Fenno Attorneys-at-law offer our extensive expertise for your use in all matters related to family and inheritance law. We take your situation into account holistically and look for the best ways of operating in all your legal questions.

Turn to us with confidence and we will offer you the best help in your case!

We have a long history of assisting parties in disputes related to estates and divorces. Our office’s experts also act as liquidators and distributors of estates ordered by the district court and as distributors of estates in situations concerning the end of marriage and cohabitation.

In addition, our experts in family and inheritance law draw up prenuptial agreements, wills and power of attorney and handle assignments related to estate inventory.


Division of inheritance

You can also get help from us when you want to distribute the assets in the estate, i.e. carry out the distribution of inheritance. In undisputed situations, we act as the drafter of the contract, and in more contentious cases, we can assist shareholders in the distribution of inheritance or act as an estate liquidator and distributor ordered by the district court.


We also assist our customers in matters related to marriage and divorce. As in the division of inheritance, also in situations of separation, we can act either as a drafter of the agreement or as an assistant to the other party. We act as the estate distributor ordered by the district court, also in property divisions and separations.

Power of attorney and preparation of a will

We prepare various documents related to family law for our clients. The most common of them include a power of attorney and a will. The power of attorney determines who will take care of our affairs, should we no longer be able to take care of our affairs ourselves. In a will, on the other hand, it is determined who, which or which entities will receive our property after our death.

Estate inventory

We also help in preparing the estate inventory. When a loved one passes away, a deed of the deceased’s assets must be drawn up within three months of the death. Taking care of things at the time of loss is difficult, and for this reason, we assist not only in preparing the deed, but also in acquiring the necessary material for it.



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