Markus Laakkonen

Attorney-at-law, Partner
Markus Laakkonen has extensive experience in management, finance, building sales and law. Laakkonen has previously worked as a regional director in the financial sector, responsible for managing both customer relationships and stakeholder relationships in Southern Finland and Southeast Finland. He has experience in advising internationalising companies, especially in Norway and Russia, where he has lived and worked a lot. Laakkonen has also acted as a head of legal department at the Finance Company, responsible for the Group’s legal affairs, debt collection and legal affairs related to customer relationships; contract, company and collateral issues, in particular in the areas of investment, trade finance and corporate acquisitions. Laakkonen also has extensive experience in insolvency resolution and insolvency law. As a result of his versatile experience, Laakkonen understands a wide range of business models and financial issues. This also supports the resolution of various legal issues.