Mikael Salmi

Attorney-at-law, Partner, LL.M. with Court Training
Mikael Salmi has worked as an attorney-at-law from 2004, and for many years as a bank lawyer before that. Salmi has diverse experience in contract and financing law, especially related to corporate finance and investing, and he also regularly consults his customer in matters of company law and company reorganizations. Salmi also handles challenging trials, especially in issues related to company and financing law, as well as residence and building disputes. Salmi’s clientele mostly consists of SMEs and actors in the financial sector. He also regularly consults entrepreneurs and start-ups. Salmi has received commendation for his skills in drawing up contracts and his solution-seeking attitude. He also has a broad understanding of entrepreneurs, problems related to business and questions of risk management, which helps him find solutions to them in business negotiations and related disputes.

Education and memberships

  • Master of Laws 1995
  • Vice judge 1998
  • Attorney-at-law 2005


Floorball, Golf, Outdoor activities