Asianajotoimisto Fenno, Keuruu

Fenno offers easily accessible legal services at its office in Keuruu in corporate law, insolvency law, dispute resolution and litigation, family and legacy law, and commissions related to housing and construction. In Keuruu, the young but professional team of law firm Fenno handles your legal matters with a strong, modern and innovative approach.

Our customers at Fenno consist of private individuals, companies and public administration operators who need high-quality legal services. As a law firm, we want to offer high-quality and value-added legal services to clients at our office in Keuruu, understanding their needs, operating methods and values as well as possible.

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Mirja Kattilakoski

Attorney-at-law, LL.M. with Court Training

Jussi Laakkonen

CEO, Attorney-at-law, Partner

Jussi is motivated in his work by the fact that he can help our customers and the people of Fenno to succeed with his expertise and its development.

Sini Matilainen

Office Manager

Sini works at the Jyväskylä office and her tasks include assisting attorneys-at-law in insolvency law assignments, and the administrative tasks of the Jyväskylä office.