Janne Kallioinen

Attorney-at-law, Partner
Janne Kallioinen has broad experience of trials and alternative dispute resolution, insolvency procedures of companies and company law. Kallioinen has handled trials on different fields of law for companies, private individuals and public bodies throughout his career as an attorney-at-law. His most typical assignments include disputes related to damage compensations, contract law, insolvency procedures, company laws, building contracts, apartment and real estate sales, sale of goods, claims and labour law. In criminal cases he has mainly focused on protecting the rights of the plaintiff, the party who has suffered damage. In addition to dispute resolution, Kallioinen regularly consults client companies in questions related to company and contract law and drafts necessary documents. His most central area of expertise also includes the insolvency procedures of companies. Kallioinen has acted as bankruptcy estate manager or debt restructuring process administrator in numerous bankruptcies and debt restructurings on different fields. He started working as an attorney-at-law in 2011, and before that he worked for years for a finance company as a debt collector and lawyer in the fields of bankruptcies and debt restructurings and company, finance, collateral and contract law. The customers often thank Kallioinen for his diligent approach to things, his expertise and approachability.