Tuukka Haaranen

Attorney-at-law, Partner
Tuukka Haaranen has a wide range of experience of dispute resolution and consulting in different fields of law. Haaranen specializes in assignments related to construction, housing company law and lease agreements. He regularly handles extensive disputes related to construction and housing company law and assists public parties, housing companies, private individuals and construction companies. Haaranen has participated in dozens of negotiations, inspections and disputes concerning contracts. In addition, Haaranen regularly consults the management of housing companies in questions related to their management and operations and assists parties of real estate and apartment sales in seller’s liability disputes. Haaranen also regularly handles assignments related to company, labour, family and estate law, as well as tort law. Haaranen regularly acts as liquidator or administrator in estates and divisions of property. He has worked in real estate management before he started practising law.