Corporate law

Consultation in company law is one of the cornerstones of our operation.

We cover problem solving in all stages of the company’s life cycle from its foundation to the legal matters that rise during its operation. We often take part in assisting our client companies in times of change, such as mergers and acquisitions.

Fenno’s extensive company law services also include handling the tasks of the secretary of the board of directors of our client companies in addition to other legal services.

Our customers range from entrepreneurs to listed companies. We also strongly support entrepreneurship and start-ups.

Our typical company law assignments include:

  • founding companies
  • shareholder’s agreements
  • capitalization (e.g. share issues)
  • changes in company form
  • mergers and demergers
  • consulting the management in daily legal questions
  • creating an incentive scheme
  • handling the tasks of the secretary of the board of directors
  • drawing up business contracts and standard terms of business or of delivery (e.g. agency, retail and distribution agreements and different kinds of sales contracts)


We aim to have long-lasting relationships with our customers and to serve them personally. We will provide your company with the best possible aid for any situation.


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